Hotel Manager

Bedroom Reservations
Guest Profiling
Group Management


  • Streamlined processes ensure fast and efficient check in and check out for you and your guests.
  • Easy-to-read visual displays give you a clear picture of what’s happening throughout the hotel, so you can book every detail of your guest’s stay from one central point.
  • Hotel Manager gives you complete control of group bookings, preferences and billing and the ability to import guest rooming lists directly.
  • Build up a rich profile of guest details complete with reservation history, preferences and detailed spending habits, enabling you to offer a more personalised service and deliver targeted marketing communications.
  • Stay in control of your rates and drive revenue and yield.
  • Easily view availability, sell and up-sell rooms with all relevant rates information automatically displayed for each type of room and each day – no need to remember or refer to complicated rates structures.
  • Build and customise system prompts to ensure service standards are met and upselling opportunities are maximised.

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