Voucher Manager

Gift Voucher Management
Offers and Promotions
Online Gift Voucher Integration


  • Flexible gift voucher maintenance allows both monetary or gift experience vouchers to be created, sold and then redeemed via any module in the Alacer suite.
  • Sell and redeem vouchers via your own website, providing a seamless, mobile optimised and bespoke designed interface to drive direct, commission free sales.
  • Voucher Ledger Reporting tracks every voucher from its sale to redemption or expiry, ensuring full control of voucher liabilities and accurate reporting of cash and revenue.
  • Purchaser and recipient details entered online are recorded directly in the system. This reduces errors and facilitates targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Intelligent cross-selling and upselling drives additional sales by suggesting specifically relevant options and offers
  • Complimentary vouchers and bespoke offers can be created and unlocked with promotional codes

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